The process of a thermal imaging scan is simple. The roof is measured during the day and sketched out on paper. During the early evening hours (after the sun has set and the temperature lowers) the roof is scanned with the camera. The areas with wet insulation retain heat and are clearly illustrated by the camera (see image below). The overall difference in temperature is noted in the thermal camera by highly sensitive receptors which will detect any temperature variance. Having this process done as preventative maintenance is beneficial as wet areas can be detected before they spread to other areas of the roof thus resulting in more extensive costs.

Heely-Brown is pleased to offer the services of our certified in-house thermographers to perform your roof scan. No matter the size of your building we will assist with your project every step of the way. Our personnel boasts a vast amount of experience with thermal cameras and roof imaging as well as countless hours of training on the newest Flir technology utilized in the industry.