Slate Roofing

Slate, Tile & Cedar Roofing

Cedar Breather by Benjamin Obdyke

Cedar Breather ventilated underlayment protects the beauty and life of wood roofing by providing a space for continuous airflow between the solid roof deck and shingles or shakes, eliminating moisture and allowing shingles to dry.

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Cedar Shakes & Shingle Bureau

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau® is a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of Certi-label® cedar roofing and sidewall products. They offer informed Certi-wood® advice and are responsible for educating the public and building code officials. They have earned the distinction of being the recognized industry authority.

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Inspired by the natural beauty of cedar shake roofs and slate roof shingles, DaVinci composite roofing tiles enhance the appearance of any property. Developed with state-of-the-art polymer chemistry, DaVinci composite roofing tiles are beautiful and durable enough to protect and enhance the value of your home.

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