Heely-Brown Company

About Us

The story of Heely-Brown is one which dates all the way back to its beginning in 1939 in Atlanta. Howard Brown had been working as a sales representative for a manufacturing company for many years until an opportunity presented itself allowing him to create and run his own business. With his working knowledge of products used in construction and manufacturing, it only made sense that this new business venture would remain in the same industry of familiarity. Garnering the assistance and support, both personally and financially, would prove vital in acquiring the early investments needed to begin a business. Knowing this, a member of his extended family Lucy Heely, would become the link which completed the founding and ultimate beginning of the Heely-Brown Company.

Beginning in 1939 on Greenwood Avenue in Atlanta, Heely-Brown Company would service the local community for their roofing needs along with perhaps a small inventory of construction products as well. The warehouse was located across the street from Ponce de Leon Park which was home to the Atlanta Crackers, Atlanta’s successful minor league baseball team dubbed the “Yankees of the Minors”. After a long day at work, stories hold that employees would walk across the street and gather at that particular evening’s game. Employees would often see customers from earlier in the day and discuss their day’s work over the baseball game.

The business would grow in the coming years and become further entrenched in the cityscape. Along with growth comes the need for more space and a larger facility. By 1972, Heely-Brown had seen significant growth not only with overall business but also with the ability to keep an inventory of multiple manufacturers and product lines which would open up new avenues of business. This would precipitate the company’s move across town to a larger building better equipped to handle the increased demand. This would prove short-lived however as by 1982 Heely-Brown had become a staple in the roofing industry in Atlanta and around the state. A need for an even more permanent and stronger location for the business arose which led the company to its current location on Chattahoochee Avenue in the midtown area. This location continues to allow the opportunity to more quickly access the needs of a rapidly growing city.

During the mid to late 70s, new construction began to reform the southeast region of the country as the population grew and companies began to take note of the region for their own industrial growth. This presented an opportunity for locally based companies to look into expanding into neighboring states. Heely-Brown was keen on expansion plans and started a branch in Greenville, South Carolina. This was only the beginning of the company’s growth as we continued to expand into Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. Totaling nine branches in five states Heely-Brown is uniquely qualified to meet the changing needs of the industry throughout the southeast.

Exhibiting such robust growth would ultimately lead to new and exciting innovations internally at Heely-Brown as well. With such an influx of inventory from numerous vendors, the need developed for more rapid and efficient navigation through the literally thousands of different items in our warehouse. Although commonplace in today’s business environment, in 2001 we were one of the first Atlanta-based businesses in the roofing industry to move to a bar code system which allowed us to better track and ship material. This development really was the gateway to being able to provide superior service while better managing our inventory. This trend continues today as we are always looking to innovate and utilize new technology to remain on the cutting-edge of the industry and new advancements.

Owned and operated present day by Howard Brown’s son William Brown, the Heely-Brown Company is a stalwart in the roofing industry. Still, a family run business, the emphasis on customer service and relationships runs strong and is an essential ingredient to what makes us successful. Our employees have many years of experience in the industry and whole-heartedly buy into the relationship building aspect of the business. Earning the trust of our customer base is a mission statement which is taken very seriously. Leading by example and continuously raising the bar of service, the Brown family has grown the Heely-Brown Company from a small warehouse on Greenwood Avenue to a 160,000 square foot distribution center in midtown Atlanta and into neighboring states with multiple branches.

We are very proud of our long and storied past and feel it plays an integral role in our continued success. We ambitiously work alongside our customers to build an equally rewarding and successful future.