In keeping with our belief of being a full service distributor for the roofing contractor, Heely-Brown Company offers a dumpster service. Our dumpster service will help you dispose of your residential roofing tear-off. We will deliver a 12 cubic yard dumpster to the job site, pick up the dumpster upon job completion, and dispose of the roofing tear-off.

The 12 yard dumpsters will hold up to 60 squares of roofing and are available on a 5-day rental but can be extended beyond the 5 days for a daily fee. If you have multiple tear-offs in multiple locations (within a 10 mile radius), we will come out and relocate the dumpster for an additional fee. If you have any questions concerning the dumpster service, contact our inside sales staff at 404-352-0022.

*Dumpster services is limited to Metro Atlanta service area only.